Coaching and Community

Join each month for personal coaching and community with Dana and
parents that are on the journey of parenting with children who have experienced trauma.

If you’re ready to:

  • Move beyond feeling stuck
  • Find support from other parents
  • Become more compassionate towards yourself and your child
  • Gain confidence in parenting through challenging behaviors
  • Deepen your relationship with your child(ren)

Choose from our 3- and 6-month coaching programs

(“Parents as Partners” training required prior to participating in coaching”)

3-months- $195.00 (2- 1.5 hour zoom calls per month. Total of 9 hours)

6-months- $360.00 (2- 1.5 hour zoom calls per month. Total of 18 hours)

Get started with no obligation.
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My team looks forward to exploring your coaching options with you so you can be on the road to more clarity, happiness, and fulfillment!

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relatively new profession. The practice has grown significantly since the 1980’s as more and more people recognize its value. It is not covered by medical insurance as counseling sometimes is.

Coaching provides encouragement and support to enhance current life situations but lack the specific skills they need to make it happen. They may be stuck and not able to get the progress they want. They need accountability and structure in order to get results.

Coaching is not counseling

  • Counseling focuses on feelings while coaching focuses on action.
  • Counseling often focuses on the question “Why?” while coaches focus on the question “How?”
  • Counseling focuses on the past and what happened to you. Coaching focuses on the present and future. What are you going to do with what happens to you?
  • Counseling focuses on weaknesses and deficits while coaching’s emphasis is on strengths and assets.

Despite these differences, many counselors see the value of incorporating coaching into their practice (as they may already do some of this with their counseling clients).

Coaches are action-oriented

Coaches come alongside someone who wants to change and grow. They aren’t necessarily dealing with someone’s past issues or something that is “wrong.” Rather they focus on what impedes someone’s progress to move forward.

Dana’s commitment to mental health extends beyond the office. Investing time, energy, and expertise in the wellbeing of her community, Dana serves as an advocate for trauma-informed care at a number of organizations that impact outcomes for children and families. Her expertise has proven an invaluable asset to vulnerable people throughout Southern Indiana.


Fabulous training! Dana Bowling did a wonderful job educating our staff on the crucial importance of Trauma Informed Care. Her gentle, informative presentation style brought deep and powerful insights to our team. Her active guidance helped us to not only understand the incredible need for Trauma Informed Care but how to best implement this concept and language into our programs. Dana is a professional when it comes to helping others and her expertise is bar none.

Teri White, SRAS, CLC Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist and Certified Life Coach

It was an absolute pleasure to host you on your recent webinar. The information you shared was invaluable. Thank YOU, for taking the time to share your passion and insights to equip the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education field!


Over the past couple of years my daughter has been blessed to work with Dana Bowling to support her growth in the areas of emotional regulation, anxiety, body awareness, peer interactions, and so much more! She is well trained in implementing trauma-based strategies & is very creative in her approach & activities. She has helped my daughter build self-confidence and truly cares about her & my family. We have been so thankful for her flexibility & willingness to keep trying even when my daughter has been challenging during sessions. She is a gift to our family & community.

Stephanie Wolff

The tools and wisdom Dana Bowling has shared with our family have been a total game changer. We have seen profound changes in both our parenting and in our foster children’s coping strategies. She helped us better understand trauma and continues to equip us with the tools we need to support the children in our home. We would highly recommend Dana and her training for anyone wanting to better understand how to parent children with trauma. We couldn’t have done our foster care journey without her!

-Dustin and Sarah Weber (foster parents)

When we first came to Dana, we were struggling with behavioral issues with our daughter and were at a loss as to what could help.  We had visited other counselors in the past but experienced little to no change in our relationship with our daughter. After our first session, Dana identified a clear issue and set before us a path of healing and connection for our family that resulted in huge changes in behavior and connection.  As a family we are continuing in our path of healing that Dana placed us on and know that she is always there as a resource for us when needed. 

John Cordrey, Lead Pastor St. Peter's Lutheran Church